Annex D Form

Annex I: Employers’ letter template

I.1 The letter template below should be used in cases where an individual has been named by their employer as the primary user of an eligible electric vehicle, or if they have a vehicle as part of a salary sacrifice scheme, beginning no more than four months prior to the date of installation, from 1 April 2015 onwards.
I.2 The text below must be included on company-headed paper and signed by a senior member of the company with financial or fleet responsibility such as a company Director, fleet manager or finance director. If company-headed paper is not available, please ensure the employer’s address details are included in the letter.
I.3 If an employer’s vehicle fleet management is outsourced, Annex I can be filled out and signed by an official from the company managing the fleet. In these instances, the following steps must be taken:
a. The employer must provide written permission for an official with fleet management responsibility from the outsourced fleet company to sign Annex Is on their behalf. Permission must be provided via email or letter and retained by both parties as OLEV may require it as evidence for future audits. It does not have to be attached to the application.
b. The text below must be included on company-headed paper and signed by a senior official of the company as identified by the employer.
c. The signing official must also tick the final box at the bottom of this letter to confirm they have been given prior permission to sign on behalf of the employer.
I.4 Please also provide one of three pieces of evidence requested in the boxes below in support of this letter. If the company is neither registered for VAT nor with Companies House, evidence of the company’s HMRC registration – as requested in the third box – is required.
I.5 If you have any queries, please contact OLEV.
I.6 This template can be used for leased vehicles, but please ensure you include the start date, and term, of the lease.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept this letter as confirmation that [Vehicle Registration Number, or vehicle make and model if on order] is kept/leased by [company name].

[Driver name] who resides at [driver address] has been allocated as the primary use driver by [company name] for the above vehicle from [start date of use] for a minimum of 6 months. [Driver name] intends to claim for a domestic chargepoint under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. The electric vehicle is a [make and model].

I understand that this vehicle cannot be used by another employee to claim for a second domestic chargepoint within six months of [Driver name] becoming the primary user.

If you need any further assistance please contact us on [contact details] and we will be happy to help.

Company Registration Number VAT Number

Evidence of the company’s HMRC registration (tick and attach)
If this letter has been filled out Please and signed by an fleet tick:
management company, please tick to confirm you have been
given prior permission to sign on the employer’s behalf

Name of employer you are signing on behalf of:

Yours sincerely,

………………..…..…… [Signature]

. [Print]

[Position of signatory]