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Ev Smart Chargers

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With rising CO2 emissions and global warming electric vehicles are our only future to a sustainable existence in mobile transport.

As a forward thinking wholesaler we want to aid the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. The smart car changers we install are mainly WIFI capable allowing the user to monitor the charging process and see when the vehicle is ready for use.

Currently the UK Government has put into place financial incentives to help with this transition. The OLEV grant scheme. Also further schemes have been released to find the infrastructure for EV charging. Many of the petrol stations have already made the transition to supply electric charging points.

Our EV charger Installation terms & conditions

As every installation is different, it’s difficult to price each installation. We have prepared a list of terms and conditions to which 90% of homes conform
This enables us to have a set price for the installation.
Please check that your home meets are ten basic requirements.

By placing an order you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the standard installation.

1) Maximum distance of 15 meters from the supply board.

2) Only one wall will be drilled through for cable access with cable clipped to external wall.

3) OLEV Grant monies will be refunded when we receive them. (normally within 30 working days but can take longer).

4) With standard installation there must be room for 1 additional Circuit Breaker within the consumer unit.

5) The Consumer unit must conform to the current 18th edition i.e. metal with RCD’s.

6) Standard maximum load is 7.5Kw or 32 amps.

7) There must be room within the consumer unit for the new maximum loading.

8) Test certificates will be emailed in PDF form within 14 days completion.

9) All components for the “standard installation“ will be provided by SeeECO.

10) Maximum travel distance of 30 miles from “See ECO Hut” shop (Bakers yard, Otford Road, Sevenoaks)

This is our preferred OLEV grant fundable “Smart Charge Point”