Home Automation

Letting A Computer Run Your Home Gives Energy Savings Through Precision

Moving into this new decade of technology it has finally become affordable to the masses for computer home automation
Intelligent Heating

With each room addressable for temperature, you can select the rooms you use most to have the temperature you like to live in. While others that are not used as much or only during certain times can be dropped to a back ground temperature saving the energy normally used. This enables the home owner to reduce heating wastage and reducing the affect on our planet.

Also the holiday mode settings enables a completely addressable shut down of the system, with a frost setting standing in so if the weather drops to below freezing there will not be any burst pipes.

Likewise if its been set correctly to rein-gage before you arrive at home the your rooms will be warm and welcoming.

So home automation saves energy and protects your home.

In the UK an average heating water is our largest demand on energy we use.

With a bimetal strip forming the temperature gage on the average hot water stat, the efficiency is out by a margin.

Replace it with pipe stats and a tank stat and a computer system that knows exactly what temperature the tank is, and the returning flows target temperature. This will ensure that less energy is used heating hot water.

Reduce your energy usage and reduce your suppliers bills.

“It is possible with some systems to have your home automated from only £2,000.00 ex vat. In some cases an automated home can be retro fitted enabling a fully automated home without the repair cost. “

Intelligent Lighting

Through the use of PIR’s and intelligent lighting forgetting to turn off the lights becomes an impossibility. The average house hold will light several more rooms than needed due to human error. Also with mood lighting senes rooms that would benefit from not having all the lights on or dimmed late at night or morning these can be addressed.


…as I get out of bed in the early hours the low level PIR picks me up and lights a few small down lights leading me to the bathroom. There the wall lights come on but not the down lights to ensure the bedroom is not covered with light. Likewise as I leave the bedroom the low level lighting on the landing engages and leads me down the stairs. The low level lighting comes on in the kitchen. Within moments of leaving the house its back in darkness.

All of this avoided using manual switches, and ensures the main lighting is only used where it’s needed.