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Solar energy used to be a good idea with their Government grants in place, but these have been withdrawn and the cost out weighed the benefits.

In the last few years major changes have occurred within all micro generation, with the introduction of the charge wall. Now instead of loosing what you generate you can store it and use it at night.

With the cost of energy continuing to rise, and the solar panels being more mass produced and cheaper. It now puts the benefits back in the consumers pocket.

Also to make our targets for the Government’s Kyoto protocol within the next 10 years all GAS boilers for heating and hot water will be banned. This means electrical energy will be our main resource for heating and hot water.

Benefits off a charge wall

One of our clients were quoted through the PV calculator to be able to generate 3,951 kWH a year in PV Electricity. This looks good a face value but that is electricity generated during the day light hours with the peak between 12am to 3pm. When asked if they would use the whole amount generated at the point of intake, it worked out that probably only a 1/3 with rest being fed back into the national grid for 2p a kWh. We pointed out that there is a way of using all that energy. By using battery storage all generated energy in captured and used. This meant the 2,500 kWh used during evenings in the dead of night are now sustainable and free.

It’s important to note that if you don’t have a charge wall for the predicted kWh the government will pay you a percentage at 5.5 pence a kWh.

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